Waterscaping Services

Waterscaping Services

Design & Build
With over 20 years experience, we design and construct all manner of ponds, lakes and wetlands. Starting with raw topographical survey data we will produce working design drawings, 3D rendered images and flyovers that help you visualise the proposed waterscape and bring the project to life.
Our team of experienced operators and up to date plant will carry out the works, installing artificial lining membranes where required as well as constructing all manner of associated infrastructure – whether it be a jetty, a water control structure or a cascading waterfall.
From concept through to completion, we work with you to bring your vision to life.

Restoring lakes and ponds back their former glory, often encompassing additional design features to allow new owners to put their influence on the landscape, is always a very satisfying process.
Initially a detailed topographical and bathymetric survey is carried out to better understand the waterscape condition, which is usually followed by a short report summarising our findings and suggested course of action. Following which construction drawings are prepared and the (usually) dirty work begins.

Using our specialist team of surveyors, craftsmen and plant operators we are well catered to tackle all aspects of services we offer. At the height of the season our workforce will reach around 20 people, all of whom are valued members of the company and individually bring something to the table, ultimately contributing to the success and sustainability of Tulloch and Boggis Ltd for years to come.

Please see our gallery for an overview of a variety of projects we have carried out.

Whether considering a water-based project for the first time, maintaining an existing pond, lake or formal water feature, our extensive waterscaping experience will undoubtably be of use. We’ll propose cost effective solutions to problems and provide inspiration for potential developments.
We would be delighted to discuss your project, whether it is a far off dream still needing planning permission or a detailed design ready for construction.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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